Sat, 09/20/2014 - 17:44 -- Soulae

Young in a glass mixtures of old souls,
Dreams across the globe of the maze in her brain, 
lost in multiple plans, 
can’t waits,
Don’t wanna waits,
rushing to leaves,
to chase the doodles that she drew as her mentality grew,
crossing out her mistakes, 
creatively fell on her bottom too many clocks ago turning twelve, 
hours changed and she got older,
had experiences locked in the pores of her skin, 
hairs empty,
Zero space to grow, 
something changed her from behind,
her footsteps where her foot, 
steps currently today,
twenty-one days, twenty nights
she stays, 
her hearts beats, 
even though her pain was irresistible to make it stop,
but hiding her tears 
huffs and puffs is a skill she learned by wearing societies opinions on her body,
sculpted by his hands that put her in a box to fit in with him,
A hue man broken for a woman coloring the puzzling she, he made she, she wouldn’t be a human without he, so she wouldn’t be her if she wasn’t imperfect, broken with skin
struggles couldn’t encounter,
insecurities couldn’t enter, 
Un welcomed,
self doubting wouldn’t capture her mindset if she was together,
no pieces broken,
no losing identity, 
nothing would go through her heart and come out clean if she wasn’t dirty, 
on a journey she is, 
found pieces of herself on the ground, picked them up and put em back together where they belong, in her heart,
Her life seen through big eyes, 
searching for you is a struggle girl, 
too painful to watch, 
shades on cause change wasn’t on the calendar,
going on a vacation cause I’m going away, to throw away every scar that stained my heart, 
taking these clothes out this suitcase,
it’s been too much weight on my shoulders, growing up is hard I wanna be a kid again where I was innocent,
not gon happen, 
oh well, 
my eyes are open, 
sorry self,
I know I keep going back and forth,
not sure of what I want,
but now I know I have a choice,
to choose,
to be,


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

this poem speaks very descriptively about the importance of growth

it raises awareness of self-worth and identity

when i read your poem, it felt i was entering your world by understanding who you are

well done


Thanks MVP, appreciate the comment.


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