Growing up


We all push so hard to grow up.

We wear our mom's heals and try to watch pg-13 movies.

We go to parties past our curfew and try a cigarette or two.

We leave our house and get a job, and for WHAT?

After all that yearning to be older, month after month, year after year,

We realize growing up is HARD.

We realize all we desire now is to sit down and talk about school or

spend a night gossiping with our high school friend.

We don't want to spend money on frivilous things or stay up until two in the morning.

We are now wishing all that time we spent not being able to wait to grow up was spent differently. 

We find out in the end that after years of craving for nothing but, adulthood; all we want is to again be a kid.

If only we could go back; tell ourselves enjoy it while we can because life gets difficult and there is no ging back.



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