Grounded Rose Once Upon a Time

I miss you, why did you leave me? 

Was it time for you to go or was it just time for me to grow? 

Did you know that you had to go? 

Because I wasn't ready for the show.

I wasn't ready for the pain. 

I wasn't ready for the tears. 

I sure as hell wasn't ready for you to not be here.


I wasn't expecting you to be gone so soon.

I don't know what happened to the time. 

I was only 10 when you left my side. 

You were strong and you were kind.

You were one of a kind. 

You were my kind, you were my blood.

You lived a life that anyone wouldn't wish for.


You were sick, but I was there.

You used to play with my baby hair. 

Things got rough and you couldn't move.

I didn't understand what was going on with you.

You would always tell me you love me, but you never told me goodbye.

Was I too young to see the signs?

I think I was, because now you've died.


It was almost 8 years ago and I still don't understand.

I relive the days just so I can kill you again.

I tear myself apart to understand....

Why can't I understand?

Why can't I comprehend? 

You had just gotten better then sick again. 

How was I to comprehend that the woman inside my head was really dead....?


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My family
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