Ground breaking

I had fallen into a world I knew nothing about I was just dragged along like any other person that I knew here. They were all in question about what we did with our lives next and I didn't know that answer. I knew I wanted to help people with their physical state and how I could help them be anything new but this was different than what they wanted. 

Am I here to please them? 

No, I knew what I wanted but they didn't want me there. They thought they would give me the best by protecting me from thier past mistakes but those weren't my own. Its thier past not mine.


 Yes, its thiers now not mine even though I came from it. 

THEY knew EVERTHING and now where am I? 

Lost without my support from anyone.. They left without another word. 

You were my bully and now I'm bully-less. I was pushed to my breking point and your not here to see my new future to help the ones I knew couldn't help themselves. I am falling again into the ground breaking new world where I am woman and independent.

Poetry Slam: 


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