I don't know what color his eyes are.

I know that they're somewhere between

blue and green and gray

but I cannot say exactly


I have memorized every detail of him.

I could map out his chest and 

paint his hands from memory 

But his eyes elude me.


I've never looked at his eyes

Only into them

I can't tell you what color they are

But I can tell you how they shine

when I tell say "I love you".


I can tell you

How he gets this faraway look

when he plays guitar

I can describe in perfect detail 

How tragically beautiful his eyes are

when he cries


I never believed that eyes were the windows to the soul 

Until I looked in his and saw his feelings 

written out for me like a novel


I have seen stories in his eyes.

I have seen the story of us

The introduction

                The rising action

                                  The climax


And the fall.


          the conclusion


And even when his eyes told me not to leave

I walked away

When his eyes were beyond tragically beautiful

broken and shattered


To this day I don't know what color his eyes are

I hope I never find out.

Because the day his eyes are colors and not emotions


is the day I know that I have lost the best love of my life






Even after pushing him away

he has stayed by my side

And when I told him that I loved him

He said he could see it

in my eyes

that we were fine




His eyes are green




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