Greatest Creation

Whatever your beliefs.
Atoms colliding or Adam and Eve.
We should thank the architect for the greatest design.
Chemistry, biological or divine.
Believe what you will, nobody can deny.
They are daughters of God.
They were the final creation.
Created to love more,
Created with endless patience.

Molded to define beauty.
They are daughters, sisters and mothers with a nurturing duty.
So where is the respect?
Will we continue to neglect?
Do we just accept?

Its time we honor them.
Lets lift these beautiful creatures made of stardust.
For they are the matriarchs of the universe.
We are a part of them as they are a part of us.
Lets honor womanhood as it is the heart of humanity.
Always beating.
They are the child bearers.
The care takers.
Compassion makers.
Without them, we are without.

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