I'm leaving tomorrow

I'm leaving for good.

I've packed my things

the best I could.


I'm saying goodbye

to the the place I called home.

I'm leaving tomorrow 

I'll be on my own.


Standing here 

in the quiet.

Reminds me of when

we were there to buy it.


You took my hand

we went inside.

It became my safe place

to go and hide.


Years passed 

and I grew older.

You were my 

leaning shoulder.


On those days

that I would cry.

We sat on that couch

and you wiped my eyes.


It was in this hall

that I ran with Brian.

Of which you made sure

that we were smiling.


In my room 

my friends and I slept.

And on my floor

my brother wept.


In that kitchen

we introduced our dog.

My best friend,

my partner to jog.


In your room

we cuddled and laughed.

I remember in winter 

the crisp draft.


In the house 

I grew and grew.

And you were there

a best friend too.


I'm leaving tomorrow

I'll be on my own.

I'm anxious because

this is all I've known.


As I leave my home

and the past behind.

I am ready for all

the adventures to find.


Tomorrow is coming 

and I know what I'll keep.

All of the memories

that will put me to sleep.


Mom I will say this

for one last time.

You were my best friend

you helped me thrive.




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