sad story

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Ikaw at ako, paano ko ba ito sisimulang isasalaysay? Sa yugto ba na kung saan tayong dalawa ay nagmamahalan? Sa yugto ba na kung saan may lamat ng namagitan?
"He prayed She layed, There awake too tired to sleep He forgave She hates Too hurt,but too scared to leave Tears cried Head shakes I am yours my heart to keep Can't tell
Once long ago there was a good young boy he loved to play and laugh his name was Roy Roy was a loving but mischievous boy one day in his daddy's closet he found dads toy
She gazed across the baren lands, a rusted key lay in her hands, a salted tear slipped down her face, she sat on the balcony, crumpling her lace.   Alone she sat hour after hour,
The doctors knew with her lips laced, she would stay true. As they had paced, her eyes had raced. Holding her hand, by now I'd faced this isn't band. If she didn't land in that sudden way; only if it's banned.
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