"The Good Old Days"


United States
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Being 15 is a prick

going through changes

that make you sick

wishing to go back to the good old days


Once a baby

young and helpless

crawling around

causing a ruckus

in the good old days


You get older 

and life is changing.

Imagination is running weak. 

You just wish to go back

to the good old days


You're all grown up

but that's what you think

you want to be more mature

but at the same time

you're still a child at heart


Drama begins all around you

you're getting feelings you can't explain

feeling like you're all alone

you wish you could take it away

but in all actuality you can't


Coming of age means growing up,

learning how to be more mature,

learning to defend yourself, 

learning to take nothing from no one.

It all happens when coming of age


Confused with so much knowledge

but yet you're torn between

what your heart wants,

and what your mind wants,

and you dont know what's right or wrong


You're older know and

you start to think of memories

from your childhood and wish

that you could go back

to the good old days...


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