Good As Any Man


I’m a senior in college and I’ll be graduating in Spring 2015

I’m really excited to finish up and accomplish my dream

Although it may not happen because my brother is going to his dream college this fall

I may have to put my dream on hold if my parents can’t support me

It has always been about him getting the best of it all

I always have to stand by and fake my glee

I will not be part of your Hispanic machisimo bullshit

I deserve to get an education just as much as any man

I try to discuss this with you but you say I’m throwing a fit

Now shit has hit the fan

I have worked hard for three years straight

Now when I’m so close you plan on taking that away

Well guess what, I have a different fate

I’ll find some way to pay

I’ll make it on my own if I must

I will write essay after essay

I will have to adjust

I will prove I can be just as smart as my brother you, oh so, adore

I will be a successful, educated woman

You will not hold me down anymore

I can be just as good as any man

I will accomplish my dream

No matter how impossible it may seem


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