The Golden Field


We entered the immeasurable field. The knee-length weed’s filling it were as golden as the tips of your hair. The field was surrounded by a fuchsia sunset and a gentle breeze. We both yielded in step, fixated on the monument that lie in the center of the field quite a distance away. It was the only one of its kind. It’s powerful independence and enduring base made our jaws drop. Perhaps the most beautiful thing about it was the muscular branches that were mounted on the side of it or the mahogany leaves that swayed back in forth in the breeze.            “Race you there.” You told me as you got a thirty second head start.        “Hey! That’s not fair!” I shouted back, but it was already too late; you were too far ahead and didn’t hear what I said. I decided to try to catch up to you, but you were always the faster one. As you got farther away from me and more toward the tree, you ran faster. In a short amount of time, you arrived at the tree. Childishly, you ran behind it, completely hiding from me.        When I caught up and heaved toward the tree, I thought it would be amusing to daunt you. My hand perspired on the trunk of the tree; the bark ridges beneath my fingernails. I started laughing maliciously, I couldn’t contain my elation. I quick popped out from my side of the tree and jumped in animation halfway around to your side of the tree. I could picture the fear I would see on your face after being frightened by me.        My merriment shut down. The beat of my heart halted as I peered around the golden weeds in search for you. My breath extinguished into the air.  I knew deep down that there was nowhere else for you to have hidden. I stepped back, leaning against the tree you were once behind. I waited there for a prolonged time; you never showed.You were there, and then you weren’t. I didn’t want you to think that I had abandoned you, but you had to understand that my life continued. I still return, peering around the tree from time to time to see if you have came back yet. But then I realize that when time comes I must go to you because I know you can’t come back to me. 


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