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     The only thing I wish to be is engrossed in your scent to smell your masculinity it feel like you never went as I find endless possibility while I lay imagining
That heavy cigarette scent, intertwined with his cologne, lingered in the little space between us.
It is amazing How one thing Can trigger multiple Memories A scent A place A song  A person An object AAnd what happens To those memories When we get older 
odd how i think ofYou in the spice aisleof the grocer near my homewhich sits empty,waiting forYour bodyto fill it with the smell of rosemary andsmoke.   if only i had time
Why do old women wear musky perfume?  They are not mothballs yet
Ginger and Persimmons the scent of desert far mixed with spice and orient of mystery and of death the wisdom of a dying man held beneath the desert sky whispers of an ancient time
rose scented tea wafting from the cup placed so gently on the maple table top porcelain pot and sloping sides of a gentry type delicate and prim the amber brown and tinted gold
  I know all you have is me And that I will never be enough But I will bind our love together With such a force  I will shoot fireworks from the tip of my tongue every time I speak of you
Walking down the street, the scent Hit me, crawling its way up my nose, Triggering the memories of her, and The smell of the warm cake, followed By the longing beep from the oven.
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