God created us all in love

Why can't I be normal?
Why must I feel this way?
Some people call me a faggot,
Others just say I'm gay.
What does it matter who I love?
Why can't I just live my life?
There is no need to ridicule me,
Or cause me all of this strife.
Who are you to judge me?
Who the hell gave you the right
To persecute and tease me
For your own selfish delight?
I'm "coming out of the closet".
I find no reason to hide.
I hope you are offended
By my enormous sense of pride.
So you can keep calling me "fag" and "queer",
These words won't hurt anymore.
I let these words roll off my shoulder
But there's on thing I can't ignore:
I won't stand aside and watch
As you victimize people like me.
It's something I won't tolerate
And pretty soon you'll see
That God created us all in love.
We are all equal to each other.
And the greatest advice that I can give
Is for us all to love one another.



First off, I want to thank you commenting on my poems; I am happy to know that my poetry is reaching out to people. Lastly, your poem has a powerful voice, I love the form and flow of your poem. I even read it twice because I was able to relate to every question you mentioned. Very strong writing!!!!!!


Thanks, Tyree. I have really enjoyed the poems you have written. It's nice to be able to get some recognition from a fellow poet. I know, as poets, we're not really looking for recognition or fame or fortune or anything that is materialistic like that. We only seek to give voice to our feelings and to perhaps help other people with our words.This is probably one of my favorite poems because I feel so strongly about the issue being presented. Thanks again.


wow. this poem shows such strength and confidence, its really just amazing.


Thanks so much. :)


Strong message! Thanks for the voice!

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