Go for the Gold

Keep going, keep pushing; but in what direction?

Everyone out here is trying to teach a lesson

You can't teach those who have already been taught what you're trying to teach

So who you're trying to reach is unreachable; don't speak

Unless you are giving words of value and support

Because I, myself, am trying to abort

Those who take my dreams and talents lightly

And praise and please my family, honor them highly

Honored to make my mama proud

And it gotta be good to see my dad smile

To inspire a sister that's twelve years younger

To work hard for my family; that's hunger

To put in work for my school's name is dedication

To acheive my personal goals no sensation can

Parallel when I'm feeling well and fulfilling my own dreams

Planting my own seeds and picking my own green

It's not about the money, it's all about ambition

About getting out and doing far more than just wishing

About making a plan and the start of a mission

No more thinking with blinders, my sight is shifting

Between me and you, here is the difference

I'll keep pushing 'til my soul is lifted

You may push too but never as hard as me

I'll strain 'til I'm drained, nothing is stalling me

I stopped stalling; realized I could only succeed by hauling

My own weight, balancing my own freight

Forget fright until I reach the height of the tall gate

I'm not quite there yet but this here will inspire me

Whenever I feel like giving up, this here will enlighten me

Put fright in me, the fear to give up

And I can't let myself down, I've done too much; I'd

Love so much to reach my goal

So I won't get discouraged; go for the gold


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