I guess it's been a couple of months, 

a rough couple of months. 

I saw your sister in the store the other day, but she barely 

looked up from the floor long enough to say hi.

We miss you. Her and I. We've drifted away from each other, her and I. 

I guess you were the glue holding us together. 

You were definitely the glue holding me together.

When you left, I fell apart, 

but I guess you fell apart long before I did. 

If I only knew.

You didn't tell me that you...

We could've helped you. 

I just can't stop imagining.

I stopped taking my pills, just to let you know. 

I couldn't stand looking at the pill bottle every morning.

It was just a sadistic reminder of how you went.

I don't know why I'm writing you.

You probably can't see this, from where you are.

I like to think you're somewhere next to me, 

but I know that if you were, I'd have that funny feeling in my stomach.

But now. 

All I feel is empty. 

I think I still love you. 

But I wish I had loved you enough. 

- S


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