Glory Days

I noticed you were a bit sad so I wrote this to cheer you up.

I didn’t notice from your frown or how

you didn’t grace the day with your smile.

I knew only because you kept reading after the first line.

This goes out to you,

the voice in the crowd too small to touch anyone's ears,

The magical babe left alone fumbling in the dark with umbral thoughts,

those lone unshared sparks.

That broken beauty bathed eternally in the fountain of ..

We will age in body, but never in mind.  

In terms that are far beyond me, we are all connected by strings of reality.

You are like the stars;

born in fits of passion, fearfully and wonderfully made between atomic embers.

I know for a fact I'm like you.

Our problems are a problem no matter how small,

For me few know

I've judged for being lanky and tall

with skin so light it's been fabled you could see right through it

with a body so thin a few sentences could slice through it.

My skin is neither translucent nor transparent, but rather

my words make it apparent that there needs to be change,

a few more smiles, and a few more poems to

plume positivity into the air..

You my dear reader, my lovely listener,

I want you to stop and think of all the lies you've been spoon fed.

Many of us were bred to believe that we should hold onto

our follies and let our failures to fondle us repeatedly,

whispering to us how peace is reserved for

the dead and the old.

Realistically, there are going to be moments where your neck just gives up,

and the ground becomes the limit as the sky is just a fable,

days where your legs give way as your chest tightens up and

your tears seem like the warmest thing that want to touch you you.

But then,

there will be days where dopamine will dump through your brain,

hours that make life morph into an amazing apparition that

sends endorphins seeping through your veins,

moments that make life magical enough to

pick up momentum in tickling your sense of beauty and wonder.

The same sense that proves to me that you are

the very marvelous beast the universe needs,

and I hope as you read this you think of those memories that

make you,

break you,  

define you.

Peace sits on the tip of your tongue,

you just have to remember it's name.

Yes, I'm sitting here pumping praise into your eyes,

honoring your whole life with hortatory tones

only because I hate to see potential wasted.

We’ve welcomed so much hatred to the point where we are on guard and

cliches are dissolved into sweet nothings.

Thinking testimonies are too good to be true.

A red river of rage loves to flood the mind, but

we are young

we have those emotions,

those stupid delusions, those dead end passions, but on the contrary

we also have those amazing dreams, the courage, and just a drop of craziness to get things done.

We are the ones to inherit the Earth

as it was promised to us from the very second of our birth.

Our frontal lobes are developing, our emotions are

guiding every action we do,

dictating every move we make.

Logic scratches its head when we take

that one dumb step that will

later on lead to a story that, many years from now,

will slide through our wrinkled lips whenever we begin to say,

"Back in my glory days."

Just don't do anything stupid, okay?


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