Glimmer of Hope (Gatsby Elegy)

Car of yellow, heart of gold

feet planted firm, ambitions bold

Your proud refusal to bend,

was honorably kept until the bitter end.

An adam, betrayed by his eve,

though never once did he not believe.

The deadly siren song of old money,

has left us here without our honey.  

With such sorrow we laid you down to rest,

and my feelings for you must be confessed.  

Sturdy as a mountain our friendship grew;

I only wish that you knew

My fellowship to you never formally conveyed,

does not mean it was not portrayed.  

You saved me, you saved me,

I can only hope I can be,

at least half the man I have fondly known.

I dream of one fine morning where the wind will blow,

and push the current in another direction.  

without the high-and-mighty’s detection.

We, the working men will be pushed forward, not back.

Oh! how the smiles of elitists will crack.

Although you did not win Daisy’s eye

I can assure you that you did win mine.

Dear Gatsby, although you have moved on

Your legacy will move on, and on.  

So old sport, while I’ll keep you in my heart, I pray,

You’ll leave some room up there for your friend, Nick Carraway.



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