Glass Heart

My heart is breaking just like glass.

From the windshield of your crash.

That was the day everything changed.

That was the day nothing would ever be the same.

To all who are willing to read this through?

There is one thing I have to tell you.

Depression hurts, it’s not fun.

It scares me so much, I just want to run.

Far from here where no one will find me.

It’s because I’ve been looking for something that I need.

It’s a person that cares, as much as I do.

To a couple of people, that could be you.

You have no idea what you mean to me.

It’s all because there’s something you don’t see.

It’s the side that I don’t like.

It’s the one that says, “Give up the fight”.

The same reason I live is same reason I die.

It’s the reason I go on, but the reason I cry.

Will this ever end, will I find my place?

Please tell me now, show your face.

I cannot live going on and on like this.

Please don’t forget me because it’s you I’ll always miss.


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