Glass Coffin


Right now, 
The walls are closing in, 
It's really getting really hard because I'm losing all my friends, 
And I'm suffocating because I'm running out of room here.
My mind is getting foggy, 
Can you hear me?! Get me out of here.
I'm stuck.
You know, 
I have dreams. 
When you have a dream, 
Being here,
It's hard staying optimistic, 
Because you have so much to lose
And every day it passes, 
It starts feeling like you missed it. 
I know you see me in here, 
But you keep on walking by, 
Please help me out of here, 
Don't just leave me in here to die. 
I don't know who I have left, 
I'm not sure who I can trust, 
Because everyone I had in mind, 
Keeps looking in, passing by, and leaving in a rush. 
Who can I call? 
No one will ever get it, 
Who can break me out of here, 
When I'm the only one who sees it? 


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