God loves girls of all shapes and size,

and I get really sick of hearing all the lies.


You're not a piece of meat to be flaunted around,

No matter how sweet the boys may sound.


Cover your bodies and respect your person,

cause bodies are just something that age can worsen.


Focus on the Lord and He'll bring him to you,

and that's all you should be trying to do.


If a man can't love you completely dressed,

Then he's just going to leave you broken and stressed, 



A woman deserves respect in every way,

and she needs to keep her heart from going astray.


The father made him with you in mind,

but he's looking for a woman who's one of a kind.


Sluts are commonly found,

So you need to be keeping your pants up off the ground. 


Bow your head and pray,

And I promise you God will bring him to you one day.


Let your heart sink in to God,

And he'll give your spirit the proper nod.


You'll never regret waiting til' that night,

And trusting that God showed you when to wear white.


So stay blessed and stay clean,

Cause those who steal purity can be so very mean.


And I don't want your heart to break,

Cause that's way more than anyone should have to take.


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