"The Girl with the Sad Eyes"

Thu, 10/03/2013 - 12:11 -- cdalton

You could see the brokenness of her heart in her lovely green eyes.

Hear her cry of help through her soft sweet smile.

You could feel the emptiness,

the cold lingering sadness of her soul,

like the silence of a room, on a cold winter night.

She was always running away from thoughts of death.

Afraid to take holiness into her heart before searching for a way out of life.

Her tear stained cheeks hidden behind a beautiful facade.

You can see her scars, they're placed upon her heart.

The heart she wears on her sleeve for everyone, but they're too blind to see.

Her cry for help, Miss. Damsel in Distress.

Where is her Prince?

Why must everything be a test?

Sadly she loves others, struggling to love herself.

Wrongly seeing the "good" in goodbye.

Trapped by darkness she is fighting to escape.

She sings a song of sweet sorrow "This is the story of the girl with the sad eyes..."

Her very last words before she softly says "Goodnight."

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