"A girl named Myself"


Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania
United States

A shy girl who was often bullied;

criticized for the way she dressed,

way she talked, way she walked... 

The leader of a world that no other person has seen;

She is a mastermind in hiding...

She is a girl named myself


The fear of rejection freezes her body.

Social anxieties make her heart stop...

A constant paranoia of being judged stings her brain

and prevents her from being the star of her own show.


She sees her own potential,

but is still unable to trust herself. 

Often, she is told she is wrong

so she feels as though none of her thoughts are good enough... 


And yet, here she is, trying.

Pushing herself from her comfort zone 

and putting herself on stage for the world to see;

Hoping to be noticed in a positive light. 


Her fear has always stopped her...

But it won't anymore.

Not anymore... 

She is ready.


Let her show begin!





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