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On this stage i stand, Waiting for my cue. Palms sweaty, knees shaking. Nervous ball of emotion.   Curtains are drawn;  Face hidden from Embarressment The music begins, and my heart stops.
Bam, Bop, Slam. The doors were shut tightly behind me. Lock and key and keyed and locked. It was this day that I left behind that I realized I was not meant to be a lover. I was not meant to be a lawyer.
Who am i? 
I wear old coats of treason and Smiles made of brittle silver on the Cliff. all the Fish talk to me as if I am who I say I am.   They gobble it up one by one and I hide away in the night with my words
A shy girl who was often bullied; criticized for the way she dressed, way she talked, way she walked...  The leader of a world that no other person has seen; She is a mastermind in hiding...
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