The Girl

Too often girls hear the word NO.

NO you can't go to school- you're not allowed

NO you can't get a job- it's not in our culture

NO you can't leave the house- it is too dangerous

But I WANT to go to school

I WANT to get and education

I WANT to change the world

Nepal- you MUST work under a master so your brother can go to school

Afghanistan- you MUST get married now though you are just a child

Egypt- you MUST not leave the house alone

These girls are strong

These girls are smart

These girls are loving

Theses girls can make a change

Yet they're not allowed

day after day, they're forced into the same routine

cleaning floors, serving men, being abused

But there is HOPE

The time is now- the time of the girl

I want to give these girls a chance

an education

an opportunity

a dream

I want to give them the resources to achieve

to prosper

to overcome

to persevere

I want to show them that THEY CAN do it

THEY CAN make a change

THEY CAN succeed

THEY CAN change the world

I want to help the girl


The girl WILL change the world


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