That Girl


I'm "that girl".
The one that everyone wants to be.
All the parents point at me.
I have the great grades. 
Looks like I've got it all made.
I'm blonde and blue-eyed.
I never have to run and hide.
I laugh, dance,
And own the world as I prance.
But let me tell you something...
I'm struggling.
Perfection doesn't exist.
The troubles of this world persist.
Don't look at me and see the beauty.
Look for the subtlety.
See the scars,
And the torn paths across my heart.
Always remember...
Within a fire there is an ember.
Find it and create your own flame. 
Learn how to channel your pain.
Mask the fear,
And love the ones you hold dear.
Make something of your life.
And through all the strife,
Don't let yourself become "that girl".



This is so inspiring, I am a camp counselor and see these little girls and boys trying to be "that girl" and "that guy" and you explained all of the struggles and issues so beautifully. Just a masterpiece!


Thank you very much! I know exactly what you're talking about! I have people come up to me all the time and say how perfect I am and how much they want to be just like me. I think it is so important for everybody to remember that they are all perfect just the way they are, and that they should not try to be like anybody else. We all have our own issues and believe that we won't measure up to society's standards, but really, we are all just trying to measure up to our own.

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