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Handsome truly good The High School for Genious Peter Cooper's Union Invited him Modal logic at Stanford And the JD His graciious life partner He was early beside her
 It takes a hero to live life,A master to love life,And a monster to take life.Ceaselessly pulling myself together, only to have everything unravel,Like twine in a fire,Ashes lost in the wind,Smearing the shore.Carrying my placid regretsThat I hav
A Peaceful Warrior   ...seems like a contradiction. Peace and war They don’t go together Only existing as a juxtaposition.  
We got apples and oranges and all of the greens We got salmon and soup pea and vitamin C. From farmer's markets, to Whole Foods, to your mom and pop shops, Together we have made our health a priority, but this has to stop.
January...jam, damn so much to fit in. How am I supposed to keep up with school and make new friends?
The sine shines through my window, Now I know it is time to go. Brush my teeth, wash my face, Put my contacts in and look out at this beautiful place. What got me up and out of bed?
“Namaste, I say”   Tension in my shoulder,                 Strain upon my spine. Worries trapped in my brain, No time for cloud nine. So my skin gets colder…
Though the comforter is heaviest at 6:30, I break through its hold to silence my alarm. Arms stretch above, reaching out for my potential, before bowing down to stretch down,
There is one thing I never leave at home.My asana practice.I take my practice with me everywhere. If I was stranded in the middle of the desert,I would need camel pose.
mind & soul
Clear your mind. Open your heart. Let your soul loose.  Breathe in, breathe out. You are here. You are present. You've never been more alive than now. You are here. You are present.
All the word’s a yoga studio, And all the men and women are yogis. They lay out their mats, unfolding their journeys ahead. Beginning with Sun Salutation and ending in Shavasana.  
three hearts beating out loud it speaks it listens  in the silent crowd hands interlock and we all meet in a circle where we quietly greet each other's rhythms beating as one
6:05am. My alarm beeps 13 sharp, incessant shrills that shake me up and drag me out of bed, onto my yoga mat. The house is silent and there's just enough dark to see. I inhale deep…exhale deeper, letting my breath roll over my head.
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