Gave My Heart


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I gave my heart to you,
My heart beated for you.
My heart would have bled for you,
and in the end my heart died because of you.
My body fell weak from the pain,
The warmth I had from the kindness I showed,
Lies empty and cold and reaping from what I have sewed.
You were the one I loved, your smile, your touch,
It was a life I imagined but wasn't worth much.
The pain in my chest is a constant reminder of you,
The words I love you and I love you too,
Haunt me to this very day, a memory of your viscious ways.



this is a good poem . But the best part is your last part "the words 

i love you and i love you too, haunt me to this very day

a memory of your viscious ways" that is so powerful to me. 

Keep it up , your a great writer.



Thanks for the comment, and your compliment.  Its easy to write when you can put your emotions into words about an actual experience from your life.  I never even thought of writing before, but heartbreak can create change in ways that are unimaginable to me.   JC





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