The Future Line Between Ardor and Terror

16, Afraid of what might happen.
Like the crew of a ship whose captain
Has never sailed before
To unfamiliar shore.


Excited to start a new adventure,
To take part in a joint venture
With new people,
Have new experiences,
And be able to

See past our differences.

We’d all be the same
Excited, but afraid.


Afraid of possibilities,
That you don’t want to have
Come to fruition
And cut your life half.
It could be one thing or another
Not necessarily death.
Nonetheless it seems
That we can’t catch our breath.


My general anxiety
Makes life a waking nightmare.
My fears can seem so massive,
To face them, I wouldn’t dare.

But eventually, like me,
You see everyone’s scared.
You’re not alone in thinking
That nobody cares.

The fear won’t go away.
It never really does.
But I’m excited for the future,
Whatever it is that comes.

I’m afraid, but excited.

Excited but afraid.

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