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Why humiliate me, then tranquilize me and worse yet make me feel something that I’m not?
You’re presence alone swiveled me while your words devoured my heart and those thoughts.
Why make me feel as if I was the one and what we were starting could’ve been something?
You were heartless enough to take that marvelous feeling and change it to that eerie nothing.
So now everything stands within. All that’s left is my attempt to maintain balance using my own two feet.
You wanted to hide this lie you were building and let it become useful “your own treat.”
I really thought this time victory was mine because I was fortunate enough to have you.
Instead I became the love sick fool so as time progressed all that swept was my own gratitude.
Now I’m standing in this aggressive whirlpool of turbulence, the waters rise, I’m waist down deep.
Think about my misery of staying intact, I’m disconnecting from the sand, what was complex is obsolete. For you it was at least that’s why I can’t keep my head up as you had once said.
The first moment you had to take off, off you fled.
You had no hesitations, no looking back, you didn’t give a damn. What actions did I take could possibly say I deserved any of this?
I stood around for so long, when I really shouldn’t have but I’m still falling and I only need your assistance.
I only shall take it from you, my one and only, I don’t need help from no other.
When I said you were my other half this is where I belong, I didn’t stutter.
I never been so truthful but you threw everything in my face.
You made an attempt for something better. I didn’t know our love was easy to replace.
I never thought I’d give love another chance since it destroyed me at one point.
I thought I’d be your last but according to your past, you’ll never mine.
Why is it that what feels so right could be so wrong?
You make my heart weak and only at times you uplift it making me feel so strong.
In my mind though I was lucky enough to have you but realistically your mind was elsewhere.
From the day we started and parted we were never the right pair.
I’ll never know if this was just a sign or it’s that love will never happen for me.
All I’m assure of: is that since the day I told you my heart beats only for you, it never became a maybe.
It was set in stone, my love. It was about you all along.
The reason for these mixed emotions, still love empowered me to seek something better but instead this lovesick trauma made me drown


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