Freedom For Her

Tue, 11/25/2014 - 22:32 -- lindsay


Soaring, flying, weightless, free,

exhilaration pumping through her veins;

one corner of the world to the other.

Nothing to stop her; broken free of her chains.


No one can hold her back,

the decision has been made.

her life is hers, and hers alone,

for who can control her?


Can you tell the wind to be still?

Can you will the trees to shrivel?

Can you send off the storm?

Well neither can you dominate her.


What a glorious day for her!

One taste of freedom and she blossoms.

She blossoms into everything she could ever want to be.

Hatred and anger follow, but does she care?


Of course not!

What beauty and life she holds,

how awesome and powerful she is.

Never again shall she be held in cruel bondage


for nothing matters anymore.

No one will hold her hostage,

no one will bring her down,

for her life is hers, and hers alone.


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