The salty liquid rolls down like a water fall,

staining rosy cheeks before falling upon the black sheets.

A fragile silence unbroken remains

as no sound is permitted to escape

the locked up lips which hide away

the secret cries which torment the mind.

Staring into the darkness, unable to breathe,

the world is begining to collapse.

Back pressed into the lifeless wall,

shaking hands feeling the weight of it all:

the tension hanging in the air,

the wall of crushing silence,

the loneliness of not being alone,

the suppression of identity.

Unable to scream,

unable to move,

drowning in the pool of worries and tears,

the curled up figure is still

eyes closed and blind

to what hope

if any at all

is left for a better tomorrow.


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My community



Love the emotional aspect of this piece. Great job!

Check out a submission of mine called I Cried Today

All the best!

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