Four Years In

Tue, 10/15/2013 - 23:03 -- jlarue


One year in:
This place is so big and I am so small... Ugh! I can''t even reach the top shelf in my locker... Sigh...
What is that smell?
How do these people eat this stuff? I'm pretty sure that beef isn't supposed to be grey...

Two years in:
Oh man. I am halfway done. Weird. 
Ugh. This place is so crowded... People are gross... What IS that smell?
What dummy put an x in this math equation? What is this?

Three years in:
I am so done. How long until graduation?
Cough. Cough. Why must people smoke in the bathrooms? GO OUTSIDE! Heathens...
What the heck is a radian? I hate Calculus. 

Four years in:
I really might miss this place...
Oh, I remember when I had to read that! Don't you hate it?
This may be the last time that I am ever in this building... Am I REALLY going to miss this place? 


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