Four walls

Around me four 


Surrounded by four


If they could speak

What would they say?


[If these walls could speak ]

[they'd tell me]

[to take leaps ]              

[Forget my insecurities,]

[my negativity ]

[by any means]                   

[And once I hit gold repeat]

[til I'm redeemed]         

[To forget the obscene,]                  

[supreme and all that gleams]


If I could speak back I'd tell them their full of shit

Convinced a higher power wants me to lay stiff

Mentality wasted on the four walls themselves 

As I relinquish the only skill I have on myself


If they could speak back they'd tell me to


[Open up ]                                                                                                              

[Reveal the inner workings of a room sealed off ]            

[To perish the thought of my rusted locks]                                                              

[and fight for my stagnant body]

[before the cadavre doth rot ]                                                         


If I could reply I'd tell them their right

In fact as different we are, so are we alike

As I hold in spite, so do you maintain life

After all I realize now all we have is each other at night


You see the me that no other has seen 

The me hidden deep by means of lies, dreads and fears

The real me despite the dark parts

Despite the assholery, the douchebagery and scarred arms

And so I ask the only real guardians I have

Am I a human being worth the idolatry I love?


In reply they'd tell me 


[I'm worth more ]                     

[They'd tell me I'm worth gold ]

[They'd implore that diamonds]

[are buffed by pressure alone]





[ And in return I'd laugh ]                                                     

[ Tell myself confidence is what I lack ]                      

[ I like living in my head and in truth thats not a path ]         

[ And once I see that I can get passed my simple thoughts ]

[ reverse the curse that has me in it's locks]

[ the shelter I sought institutionalized me

[ But without the struggle who am I to be?]

[ Man cannot change without suffering ]

[ For he is the marble and the sculptor ]             

[ And within time the very walls that hold me in ]

[      Will     ]

   [          Wither          ]

     [                 themselves                  ]


Until no more walls hold me down



[  Too bad though. ]

[Walls Can't speak.]

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