All my life I just drifted.
First from the Philippines to New Jersey,
Then from New Jersey to Florida.

It wasn't until high school.
I finally found my drive.

Freshman year.
My friends.
The camaraderie.
I finally found a comfortable place.

Sophomore year.
Still my friends.
Yet it didn't seem right.
Fights. Drama.
Too many unnecessary things.

Junior year.
My boyfriend.
We just clicked.
We were comfortable around each other.
Since day one of freshman year.
His arms.
His smile.
It all felt like home.
My niche.

Senior year.
He made me want to be a better person.
Made me want to dream big.
To go for it.
He pushed me to strive.
To pursue anything and everything.

From drifting from place to place.
To finally settling.
To finally being found amongst the thousands of other people.


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