Formation of the Diamond.

I was walking

Then a bird from the gardens whispered a sin that has been kept a secret deep down

Somewhere to be profound

But she dug out the pain & memories

The chilling, breath stealing story 

Fair is the enemy of an incident that she probably won’t forget in a century

I probably won’t forgive if it lead to me behind the gun, aiming at the one

Now this lead is his destiny

Speaking not only for one but for a ton

Equality is something that ought to be the biggest part of me to be considered, honestly

People pick up the news

What’s new? A 10 year old flower penetrated taken as novelty?

The next female judged because she practice modesty?

It takes a fool with a drug as his tool to reach at a rose petal 

No hesitation. All pedal.

Ripping a piece of her soul 

Like paper coming out of a tree

He printed his actions all over her leaf

Sinned sinned sinned

Like Adam n eve

Pills being his serpent taking over his body 

He took over hers. What a vermin.

Now she carries the burden on her shoulders 

Stronger than ever. Duckin’ and dodgin boulders like a soldier

God gives the heaviest wars to those with the bloodiest sores

But can she ever love again? 

That’s tough

Can she ever trust again? 

That’s rough

But can she ever look at a man without fear? 

No doubt

Cause this fear, I hadn’t known

She disguised it better than a clone

See I don’t know her much

But I can feel her touch 

So pure

So sacred

Like a newborn baby crying

She isn’t frightened

Though she’s very silent

Inside she cries louder than a siren

See it isn’t science,

But when pressure tightens, rocks can form diamonds.

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