Forgotten daughter

Rare times, I think of you
Time goes by.
Less I long to see you
Days turned into months
Months turned into years
No longer do I shed tears

You seem to be okay.
I am okay too.

I stopped praying for you.
Stopped reaching out to you
Once my hero
Now, I don’t recognize you.

Stopped exhausting my energy
Stop consuming my time
You refused to fight for me.
I used to wonder why.
I would cry all the time.
You stopped being by my side.

Many sleepless nights
Begging you to be in my life
You were too busy drinking.

Merely consuming my time thinking,
Convinced in my mind, you are at peace
Easier for me to let go
Convinced me this is not what you want me to perceive
You have forgotten who you are.
More importantly, you have forgotten about me.

This poem is about: 
My family



This is beautiful.


Thank you so much!


This is a beautiful poem you have! My name is Anh and I am a film student in the Bay Area. My colleagues and I are hosting a Valentine's workshop webinar and we were wondering if we could credit and read your poem? Our webinars are something nice for the community to make origami crafts and we would love to read your poem.


Is there a way you could record it for when you read it and credit me so I can have that? I think that would be wonderful! Let me know please and thank you!


Is there a way to record it and give me credit and send it to me? I think that would be wonderful! If you're able to do that, that would be great! Let me know and thank you

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