It's hard to forget even harder to forgive.

It's hard to forgive someone for hurting you,

for inflicting pain on you,

for making you shed a tear or two.


It's hard to move on, when you're stuck!

stuck like a rock is pinning you down,

stuck like you're sinking in a bottomless pit of quick sand,

stuck like you're paralyzed from your neck down to your toes.

Unaware of who are your friends or foes


Who really loves YOU, for YOU, and only YOU just the way YOU are

Or... Those who want something from you.

People like that make it hard to forgive.

They're the ones that hurt you, inflict pain on you, make you shed that tear or two.

Just Stop! For a minute just clear your mind, let it go!


A wise person once told me Forgiveness will set you free so you won't be a slave to your hurt feelings.



It's a hand pushing the rock off of you.

It's an arm pulling you out the quick sand.

It's the feeling coming back to your legs and hands.


The ability to forgive.



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