Forgetting Is Never Easy

I wanted him to stay.

But Time would not allow it

For he does not trust me. Not anymore.

As I am a creature of hell.

I know no death nor life. Only pain.

And Time. Time is stubborn. Like always

No matter how much I ask his answer is still no.


He wanted to stay.

But it was too late. He was too far gone.

I weep, never again will he hold me,

In those arms that I love so.

I prayed, he prayed, to Time.

To let us have more.

“No,” Time said. “I’ve given too much already.”

Nothing would change his mind.


“Goodbye,” I said to him.

My hand on his. Tears dropping.

“I love you.” His weak voice pierced me.

Time was there, laughing at me. Mocking me.

The light said goodbye as it left.

My words will never reach him.

It was too late.

“I love you too.”


I’m broken.

He has left me. I’m alone.

I want him back.

“You’ll find another,” Time said, "You always do.”

No, it’s different. He was different.

Not like the others.

He talked me. He listened. He saw me.

No one’s ever done that.

I could forget everything with him.

“Get over it.” Time scowled.

I can’t. I won’t, not ever.


Seconds. Minutes. Hours. Days. Weeks. Months. Years.

They passed by. They forgot him, but not me.

I still remembered. What Time wouldn’t do. How it was too late.

It’s been three centuries since him. Nothing has changed.

Time is still stubborn.

He’s still telling me to forget.

He doesn’t understand. It’s impossible.

I can’t erase away memories. Not that easily.

Not like he can. They pass by him. Never sticking.

I wish I could. To forget everything. Forget him.

Never having to deal with the pain that comes.

But that’s not possible.

For it’s apart of me.


I yearn to join him, my love. To frolic in the life of after. With him.

But I cannot die. I am to live, alone, where no one can reach me.

Not him. Not you.

Not death or life. Not the sun or moon.

Nothing. Only Time.

For as long as I can remember, Time was always there.

I cannot remember who I was before him. Before Time appeared.

I was nothing.

I am nothing.

I will be nothing.


All I am are memories I can never forget.

Pain. Despair. Happiness. Fear. Anger. Grief. Love.

Escape is not an option.


I am a creature. A thing with no name.

I know no death nor life.

I have lived centuries.

Loving many times. Forgetting nothing.

Time is always with me. Never trusting.

I am alone.


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