Forever Alone


Sitting in an empty room
Contemplating on what to do.
Eyes filled of tears
A smile to hide her fears.
Not even her closest friend knows
Of the secret she withholds.
Blood running down the drain
Bruises covering each leg.
She doesn't know why
But the pain and rage burn inside.
She stuck in a dark room
With no light but the moon.
She washes away her sorrows
With that royal blue bottle.
Tonight is nothing but a nightmare
And tomorrow nobody will care.
Her clothes hide the scars
Her emotions locked in a jar.
She puts a smile on her face
So nobody will get on her case.

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This poem shows yourself. It feels so much easier to lock everything inside and to cut the s### out of your wrists without telling anyone. Please read my poems and comment. I know we don't know each other, but I don't judge and I will be here if you need someone.

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