Sun, 06/22/2014 - 22:01 -- resa716

Your eyes so beautiful,

Reminding me of a warm mocha coffee on a chilly, cold day,

Your smile so radiant, 

That makes my day,

Your hair so soft,

Your mind so bright, 

Your heart so caring, 

Your love so tight, 

Everything you are and appear to be, 

Is everything I want and everything I never knew I would need, 

Your hand that fits so perfect when linked into mine, 

Your laughter that initiates mine, 

Our compatibleness, 

Our bond, 

Our love, so strong.

Although we have a seven year wait, 

I know we will last with all our funfilled and cute dates.

Seven years is not so long, 

When you spend it with the right person with whom you belong.

And you belong to me, 

As I belong to you,

And forever you and I will last even long after we say 'I do'.

I love you always and forever will, 

As long as you are by my side, I will continue to be the happiest girl alive. 






love a diverse world



Damn... Nice


I love it


Thats such a sweet poem.

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