Fool's Gold

Money talks, so do first impressions

I guess she wasn’t impressed by

my words, cheapened by my nervousness


she thought I was one dimensional

but she didn’t see, couldn’t see

didn’t want to see

that lowly me was actually a diamond


she made me wait

tried to cloud me with time

but she couldn’t, she can’t, she won't


I grew impatient though

I was ready to cut, I was ready to

be forged into something beautiful

and long lasting with her


I thought she was gold 

but gold is pure

gold would have recognized its multifaceted

soulmate from a mile away


her sympathy was valuable

so I paid the price

at the expense of my self respect


I bought more time by apologizing

but it was already too late

she left me with feelings I can't afford

I was...I am a fool for fool’s gold

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