Fleur de Bella


United States
36° 28' 20.208" N, 87° 21' 40.3956" W

Beautiful flower
My precious one
Tiny hands, little buds
Obsidian hair, soft and fragile
Innocent eyes, exploring the world
Yet to be tainted by sorrows and deception
What will you look like as you grow stronger?
Who will you become as the days grow longer?
How will you act when I'm not around?
My beautiful flower?
I am not perfect, have never claimed to be
So I will become a living tree, and cradle you in my arms
A safe haven, my beautiful flower, to protect you from harm
For until that day you are ready to bloom
I will be there always and forever, loving you.



This is a beautiful poem! I really like the contrast between the flower and the tree, and how that tree is protecting the flower for as long as possible. Also, the beginning of the poem with the first four lines, you add another number of words, which is a great technique because the reader can really see the words flow on the page. Have you ever written a cinquain poem? It uses similar line structure, and you might think it's fun to write, too- check out "poetry writing tips" for how to write one in the "resources" section!


Thank You! ^.^


This is really, really good! Great imagery created! Keep it up. Ever consider collaborating on a poem? It's a great experience!

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