Flawless Scholarship Poem


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Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep
Wake up ugly, here's anouther day to be made fun of.
What is that on your face?
Anouther pimple?
Well it'll have to do.
Four pounds of makeup, and you're still barely presentable.
And you still need to do something with that rats nest on your head.
Are you seriously wearing that?
Your muffin top is showing, and those strips are anything but flattering,
That boy you like?
Yeah right he'll never feel the same.
Your fat, ugly, stupid and unlovable.
So maybe you should stop trying and just give up!

Hey. Don't cry.
Look back in that mirror.
Don't be afraid.
It's okay.
Wipe those eyes darling.
I think that dress is beautiful on you.
Look how it compliments you perfectly.
And your hair is lovely.
Look how it shines in the light.
And your eyes-they sparkle like diamonds.
But even more importantly,
The thing that makes you the most flawless,
Is that fight you have inside you.
And people see that.
That boy, he sees it and loves you for it.
So pick yourself up,
Take off some of that makeup,
You don't need it.
You are so beautiful.
Absolutely flawless!


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