I think the hardest thing to accept - 
To realize, 
Is that you cannot save people because
You just can’t. 
No matter how hard you try
Or how many times you scream
At them
We’ve all got choices.
We’ve all got choices.
And as much as I want to take the
Sorrow from the suffering,
I am no savoir.
And the fact that I could
Myself to such an extent
To think I was 
Is terrifying to me.
I’m not a heart surgeon or a 
I can’t glue the broken bits back
Together and I’m sorry.
I’m sorry that I’m not capable of that.
But you are 
And if there’s any way
For me to be the nurse in this
Hospital analogy,
I will do it.
Because too many
Strings have been cut
By people who are not
The Fates of Greece.
How’d you get a hold of those scissors


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