First Night of Happiness


Let this be your first night of happiness.

Let all your fear and troubles dissolve away into the darkness

Let this night, be a peaceful moment full of bliss and relaxation

The next days should be happier, if you want them to be.

As the night takes you away, shed your final last tear of sadness,


For now, just lie down and dream.

Live your life to the fullest and greatest potential

Smile meaningfully, speak to people you know, and get out of the house more often,

Set some goals and go running after them.

Now slowly get out of bed, and face the day with a change of heart

Think about a time where your parents will be gone, where your problems will disappear.

Think of the promising future not the horrid past

So take those bad memories and ideas and throw them away,

Just get them out of your sight and mind


It’s not worth hurting yourself, not worth worrying about

You can change the world, or be a role model

They will kill you, along with the opportunities that you can truly acquire,

You have to look at yourself, really look deep inside, and see a purpose to live


You are the person that can change your life completely

You have to take control and start living the way you want to

Your only have one life to live, and you shouldn’t be miserable.

Think about your future, the possibilities, the experiences, which you’ll never have if you give up now.

Are you really willing to give up the rest of your life for a bad night, a bad year…?

Is it really worth it?


There is no reason to stop, no one who would care, no purpose in trying.

Death is tantalizing you, calling your name, taunting you, wanting you to be his

You know you can do it easily, effortlessly, end it right here, right now.

You stand up, with those big red eyes, and take a deep breath.

Is isn’t supposed to end now you tell yourself

You go to your little corner, alone, afraid, lost and confused,

With your eyes glistening with fresh new tears falling down to your cheeks,

You keep telling yourself the next day will be better

You keep fighting the demon inside you,


Keep telling yourself that tonight will be your first night of happiness.

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This poem is truly beautiful. Everyone seeks for that one night of bliss and perfection. And we can definitely create our own beautiful night. Please read my poems and tell me what you think.

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