I cant take it anymore!

Any place and every place I'm mocked, bullied, and abused,

every step I take is pure pain,

and every breath is that much longer with this horrid pain.

Peace is something I've never known,

same with joy and many more

What is normal?

who can say,

I wish I could live a "normal" life,

whatever that is...

I figure it's a life without so much pain,

without so much sorrow or suffering.

Thats the life I dream of but can't ever have.

No, not ever will i get away,

to a life beyond the shores of sorrow,

that doesn't have all this pain,

but wait! that is not true.

There is one way that kind of sounds and seems right.

Is suicide the answer?

Sometimes, scarily, i think so,

it is a hell of alot better then this life, That is for sure...



I know how that feels, we all just have to remember to stay strong and don't lose faith <3


thanks............. i like your poems... they kinda fit... I have more poetry but ill be adding it later when i have time..... thanks again...


this one was a upset day...... like the usual days i wrote................


i feel your pain. i have been bullied throughout high school and i have learned and accepted that some people have to harass other people to feel great but they are just fake. #STAYSTRONG


yea.. I mean I still am and It aint in high school. It happens everywhere

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