Finally Living

At thirteen I lost my reason to live,

my sister, Virginia, became a stillborn

My heart was torn in not two, but a hundred pieces

A demon was created inside of my head

I was told from others she deserved to die

I lost the faith I had in humanity

I became a cold person, I will admit

With nobody to lean on I fell in the trap

Not knowing people cared was my first mistake

It seemed to be too late though

I was in a deep depression

I had to take antidepressants to get me through a miserable day

I felt dead, I thought I would never live like I used to ever again

Fianlly, my therapist recommended me to write a poem

I fell in love instantly

Poetry means my life for me

I see life in a positive point of view now

My life was so dull for three years

I smile everyday now even if I have no reason

Nobody understands why I have depression,

they were not there to see my sister

They were not there to see the kids at school hurt me

I was alone and sad for years with nobody to help me

Every since I have been writing poems, I feel a lightness

I feel brighter and nicer

My grades went from barely passing to passing

My attitude went from nasty to classy

Honestly, who knows where I would be without poetry

To everyone who fights with depression,

you are not alone in your fight

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My family
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Thanks for sharing! I really like lines 26 and onward

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