The Fight is Not Theirs Alone


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Never again do I want to see such pain and hurt in her eyes,
But time after time I look for and wait to hear her cry.
She says there’s no one who can save her, but I have to try.
Everybody is a victim at least once in their lives,
However this time it’s a child and I know I have to fight.
He says he had no other choice; he didn’t want to hurt anymore.
With a blank look on his face I find him lying on the floor.
I put a hand on his shoulder and his heart starts to race,
A gentle touch for this boy does not exist in this place.
With a body full of fear, heartache, hate and shame;
One day not long ago I too was in their shoes. I felt their pain.
I was in too deep and didn’t know what to do.
However, with good people at my side I found my way out
And I know with my help they can too.


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