The Fight

Thu, 04/11/2013 - 19:23 -- GraceEP


United States
35° 57' 28.0656" N, 85° 23' 46.5972" W

Breathing, but barely,
The ship sinks again.
Trying, but not fighting,
And done playing pretend.

Back to the brighter days,
Trust still lies.
I can't try to understand
as the last hope dies.

Not good enough for this dramatic world;
I am my only friend.
Hopeless thoughts all written in crimson,
Echo violently through my head.

Everything i thought I had,
Has evaporated over time.
I wanted to believe in hope,
But now I just want to say goodbye.

In the bitter black,
I noticed a spark; a reflection in the glass.
A hand reached out to touch my face,
And then remove the mask.

I was saved that day from a place
Darker then dark should be.
I'll never forget that lock on my heart;
I'll never forget finding the key.



This poem is so so moving and tangible. There is a benefit performance for the AFSP (american foundation for suicide prevention) and I would love to use it as part of a dance performance where your words will be moving (in many senses of the word). I will give you credit. Would this be okay?


Yes of course! Please use it. I would be honored!

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