The feelings you don't see

I have been known to have a smile on my face no matter what the weather

A happy, cheerful, grin no matter what is thrown at me

But my true feelings criss cross my wrists

The pain that I cannot contain flows out

Unlike the words I desperately want to say

So listen carefully when I say I’m fine

Because that is a lie

The weapons that are used do not cut until I am alone.

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but knives will cut right through me

Right to the issue, right to where it hurts, and then set it free.

Running away from my body, as red and raw as I feel

an unheard, unseen scream for help

The only one who knows is the blade of my own

to combat the others sharp tongues

Do not believe me when I say I’m okay,

for while I may be smiling

I am also crying tears of blood

Please stop me, because I can’t




(this is not about me or about any one I know)



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